A Fistful of Credits

A Fistful of Dollars
Starting Points

Well, eventually this Star Wars campaign will launch. I'm giving fair warning though that our group is thoroughly enjoying the end of the D&D campaign, so the Star Wars start "may" be delayed a bit.

But, back to Star Wars, this will be our first attempt at the Saga Rules. As such, some of the early adventures will be more mechanical, i.e. practice, so that we can all get a feel for the new rule set.

 I don't know if we will go all the way to 20th level. It depends on how much fun it all is.

The genral backdrop to this campaign will be one where the characters are trying to travel below the radar. Avoiding law enforcement in general and The Empire in particular should be a part of your character's background.  If you plan on playing a force user, this is even more the case.  Although the Jedi Purge is largely over, there are still many sentients on the lookout, and the The Inquisitorious always follows up sightings.

I'm planning on using some old source material as the back drop. If you plan on playing a Wee-Quay (sp) there may be some benefits.

Please feel free to provide me with your thoughts, publicly or privately. It always helps me with the adventures and story lines.

 May the Force be with you.




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